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CEO Bernard J. Tyson Welcomes All to the Care Stories Blog


Members are describing what it’s like to experience care at Kaiser Permanente: great care by great people. … more

Matthew Daley, MD, Explains Childhood Vaccinations


As a parent, there is nothing we feel so strongly as the need to keep our children safe; not knowing how to best do that can be challenging. On the topic of childhood vaccinations, there are countless articles to be found on the Web – and for every recommendation for a certain vaccine, there also seems to be a warning. … more

Ricardo Charles, CRNA, Dedicates His Time to Those in Need Across the Globe

Ricardo Charles Photo 2

After a service trip to Guatemala opened his eyes to the need for trained medical staff abroad, Oakland Medical Center, certified registered nurse anesthetist Ricardo Charles dedicated his life to the helping underserved populations by providing them with culturally competent healthcare. Ricardo’s community service endeavors have taken him across the globe, from assisting in orthopedic surgery alongside Operation Rainbow in Latin … more