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Darin Miller Takes Control of His Health

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Sometimes, getting healthy takes a wake-up call. For Kaiser Permanente nurse Darin Miller, that moment came when he rolled over on his waterbed to pick up his newly-crawling baby daughter.  At the time Darin weighed 270 pounds, and because of his weight, a wave rippled in the waterbed, throwing his daughter across the bed and out of reach. “It broke … more

Mac McIntyre

After Three Close Calls With Melanoma, Mac Knows the Value of Sun Safety and Regular Check Ups

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Most of Adelbert “Mac” McIntyre’s life has been spent in the sun. Between his day job laying gas pipelines and his free time spent on the San Diego beaches, Mac found both his life’s work and his relaxation in the sunshine. All of that direct sunlight took a toll on Mac’s body, and when it came time for a routine … more

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Adamma Ajufoh, RN: Going Beyond Her Role to Care for Patients

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As a manager, Adamma is not expected to perform patient care, but she gladly rolls up her shirt sleeves to make sure our patients are taken care of. … more

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Kaiser Permanente Helps Len Laviolette Recover From Colon Cancer

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Len Laviolette, a land surveyor from San Diego, California, was getting winded too easily at work. He went to Kaiser Permanente to get checked out. That evening, he was called back to the facility and had a colonoscopy in the early hours of the morning. Shortly after the procedure, Len learned he had colon cancer. He then met Amilcar Exume, … more


A Kaiser Permanente Care Team Saves a Teacher’s Voice

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Warren Keppler was 58 years old when he woke up with a bump the size of a plum on his neck. Startled, Warren immediately scheduled an appointment with his Kaiser Permanente physician. It wasn’t long before tests revealed Stage 4 throat cancer at the base of Warren’s tongue. For Warren, the cancer diagnosis was just as unnerving as the treatment … more

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Valerie Silva and Her Mom Are Grateful to Kaiser Permanente for Relief From Chronic Headaches

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To say high school senior Valerie Silva juggled a busy schedule would be an understatement. Between volleyball practice, school, work, and homework, she was running on empty and relied heavily on caffeinated drinks to get her through her long days. Valerie soon began experiencing debilitating headaches that wouldn’t go away. They disrupted her sleep, forced her to miss volleyball practice, … more

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In Person as well as Virtually, Mental Health Services Help Sherry Pasedag Get Back on Track

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When a management change caused a drastic shift in Sherry Pasedag’s work life, the Georgia native was overcome by feelings of nervousness and anxiety. Under the new management, she dealt daily with the fear of losing her job. The stress weighing on her mental health had physical side effects, too. “I would wake up shaking in the middle of the … more

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Genna’s Letter: A Kaiser Permanente Member Thanks Doctors For Saving Her Life

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When Genna Harmon went in for a checkup 38 weeks into her pregnancy, doctors discovered her amniotic fluid was low and immediately sent her to delivery. Although the birth of Genna’s second daughter went smoothly, it was the care she received afterwards that led her to write a letter to the president of Kaiser Permanente’s Georgia region. Genna lost a … more

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Barely Six Months Into Pregnancy, an Appointment for a Stomachache Brings an Unexpected Delivery

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When Tisha Arroyo and her husband went to the emergency room for a stomachache, they weren’t expecting to have a baby. Tisha had just hit the six-month milestone, an entire 15 weeks shy of a full-term pregnancy. Shortly after being admitted, Tisha’s care team at Kaiser Permanente Baldwin Park Medical Center informed her that her upset stomach was not what she … more


Laura Holladay, RN: Helping Moms Thrive in the Maternity Ward

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For the past 19 years, Laura Holladay, RN, has dedicated her life to caring for expectant families and their children. “My family says it’s a calling,” Laura says. “I just woke up one morning in college and decided I wanted to be a nurse.” She was studying pre-law at the time. Since joining Kaiser Permanente in 2004, Laura has led … more