More than 20 Years After His First Brush with Melanoma, Ron Verhoff Beats Skin Cancer a Second Time

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Ron Verhoff, 71, first heard of melanoma when doctors found an irregularly shaped mole on the back of his ear in 1991. At the time, Ron’s melanoma didn’t seem to be cause for much alarm. “They cut it out, did a skin graft, and sent me out the door,” remembered Ron. “I basically forgot about it after that.” It wasn’t … more

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Friends, Family and Kaiser Permanente Help Sandra Mendez Take Control of Her Health

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In 2010, Sandra Mendez of La Mirada, California was feeling very sick and sought help from Kaiser Permanente’s La Palma Medical Office where Diane Pham, MD, found she was pre-diabetic and therefore at increased risk for heart attack and stroke. With an elevated blood sugar level, high-blood pressure and a family history of diabetes, Sandra knew her situation was serious. … more


Kaiser Permanente Dermatologist Amy Reisenauer, MD, Explains the Risk of Melanoma

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Amy Reisenauer, MD, is a dermatologist at Kaiser Permanente’s Kihei Medical Office in Hawaii. As a doctor, she sees first-hand the exploding rates of skin cancer, especially in young people. According to Dr. Reisenauer, melanoma is the third most common type of skin cancer, and it is also the most deadly. Nearly 9,000 men and women die every year from … more

Mac McIntyre

After Three Close Calls With Melanoma, Mac Knows the Value of Sun Safety and Regular Check Ups

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Most of Adelbert “Mac” McIntyre’s life has been spent in the sun. Between his day job laying gas pipelines and his free time spent on the San Diego beaches, Mac found both his life’s work and his relaxation in the sunshine. All of that direct sunlight took a toll on Mac’s body, and when it came time for a routine … more

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Adamma Ajufoh, RN: Going Beyond Her Role to Care for Patients

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As a manager, Adamma is not expected to perform patient care, but she gladly rolls up her shirt sleeves to make sure our patients are taken care of. … more


Chris Aragon Back to Bike Riding After Heart Attack Scare

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Firefighter Chris Aragon never thought he would be the one rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. But during his annual participation in Colorado’s seven-day bicycle tour Ride the Rockies, chest pain and profuse sweating told him something was wrong. Rather than trying to ignore the pain, Chris went to the hospital immediately. The decision saved his life. Under the … more

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Kaiser Permanente Helps Len Laviolette Recover From Colon Cancer

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Len Laviolette, a land surveyor from San Diego, California, was getting winded too easily at work. He went to Kaiser Permanente to get checked out. That evening, he was called back to the facility and had a colonoscopy in the early hours of the morning. Shortly after the procedure, Len learned he had colon cancer. He then met Amilcar Exume, … more

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Laurie Peterson, RN: Helping Members Travel Safely

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Are you getting ready to travel this summer? Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa’s Laurie Peterson, RN is on call to help members with their travel needs. Whether you’re thinking of jet-setting to an exotic island getaway or taking a trip cross-country to visit the family, Kaiser Permanente travel nurses like Laurie help educate patients about travel safety. Laurie was awarded the … more

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Hal Credits Quick-Acting Care Team for His Steady Recovery From Double-Brain Surgery

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Sixty-six year-old Hal Miner was perfectly healthy until he took a fall at home. His forehead and nose took the most of the blow, and the impact caused him to bleed profusely. When the bleeding resided, Hal decided that a doctor’s visit was not necessary. One month later, Hal began to suffer from chronic headaches so painful that he was … more


A Kaiser Permanente Care Team Saves a Teacher’s Voice

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Warren Keppler was 58 years old when he woke up with a bump the size of a plum on his neck. Startled, Warren immediately scheduled an appointment with his Kaiser Permanente physician. It wasn’t long before tests revealed Stage 4 throat cancer at the base of Warren’s tongue. For Warren, the cancer diagnosis was just as unnerving as the treatment … more