3 Comments on Stephanie Bedwell Makes Lifestyle Changes After Successful Treatment for Breast Cancer

  1. Socque Bellosillo

    Feb 8th, 2013

    Kaiser is great!

  2. gail

    Feb 7th, 2013

    Well I have had stage 2 breast cancer and I had a very healthy lifestyle, positive outlook etc and still go it. ALthough I am glad that this was a good wakeup call for her, it really trivializes the enormity of what cancer does to one emotionally, physically and mentally. And the placebo that breast cancer is prevented or controlled by juicing, organic food and pilates is simply not true

  3. […] such story, highlighted recently on Kaiser Permanente’s Care Stories blog, is that of Stephanie Bedwell. After being diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer, Bedwell underwent a lumpectomy and radiation. […]

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