Active Teen Back to Running Marathons After Battling Lymphoma

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A week after completing a half-marathon with his dad on Catalina Island in late 2016, 14-year-old Jacob Grimstead … more

Routine Bloodwork Leads to Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

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Bill Walsh went to the doctor for his annual physical and completed the routine bloodwork. However, the results … more

Dry Spot of Skin Leads to Skin Cancer Diagnosis and Nose Reconstruction

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What started off as a dry spot of skin on Dan Gillespie’s nose turned out to be something … more

Patient Spots Suspicious Mole, Care Team Moves Quickly to Treat Melanoma

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Artist Martha Johnson noticed a mole on her body, and quickly realized there was something about its appearance … more

New Beginnings for Baltimore

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Sherell Mason, MD, is keenly aware of the health disparities that exist in her hometown of Baltimore. As … more

Anna Trujillo is Grateful for Kaiser Permanente’s Palliative Care Services

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Three years ago, Kaiser Permanente Colorado member Anna Trujillo was given six months to live. That’s when Anna … more