With Kaiser Permanente’s Help, Ann and Dan Dow Set Sail for New Horizons

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For many years, Ann Dow dreamt of sailing the world with her husband, Dan, on deck the Morning Star, their 25-ft. Coronado wooden sailboat. In 2006, they were forced to put that dream on hold when her safety line failed and she fell 55 feet, straight down to the deck, breaking her ribs, shoulders, back, hips, and fingers. After several … more

Sandra Orozco’s Persistence Results in Lifesaving Screening

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Sandra Orozco’s life-saving mission began with a simple request from her patient … more

Longtime Member Louise Heberling Still Going Strong at 91 Years Old

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Ninety-one year old Louise Heberling has been with Kaiser Permanente since the Navy moved her family to Corona, CA in 1952. Back then, Kaiser Permanente was one of the few health care services that included preventive care. Now in her ninth decade, Louise has been very grateful for this service—she has little time for bad health. She’s a busy woman. … more

Clarissa Santos, RN, Detects Pulmonary Embolism and Directs Member to Emergency Department

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Can a single phone conversation save a life? It definitely can when Clarissa Santos, RN, is on the line. Recently Clarissa, a nurse in … more

Dale Gordon’s Appointment for a Swollen Knee Leads to Life-Saving Screening

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During a visit with for a swollen knee, physician assistant Katherine Lewis noticed on Dale Gordon’s chart that he was overdue for a colorectal screening, recommended for everyone over the age of 50. “I don’t think Katherine had any idea when she handed me that [screening] kit that it was going to save my life,” said Dale. “But it certainly … more

Akiko Giometti Thanks Her Child’s Care Team

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Akiko and Mike Giometti were excited to bring their newborn son, Zecco, home from Kaiser Permanente’s San Francisco hospital. Less than three weeks later, Zecco was back in the hospital with RSV bronchiolitis. This viral infection of the lungs makes sleeping and normal breathing extremely difficult, especially for infants, and is extremely painful for parents who see their children so … more

Patient Panel Shares Care Stories

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Four Kaiser Permanente members recently joined a meeting of Kaiser Permanente employees and physicians and shared how Kaiser Permanente’s caregivers, and the organization’s coordinated care model, worked to help them take care of themselves and their families. Their conditions and interests range from neonatal intensive care to healthy aging, and from early detection to surgical intervention. In involved phrases such … more

Easy to Manage Your Health, and Your Family’s Health

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Holly Jacobson is the busy mom of two. She appreciates Kaiser Permanente’s My Health Manager because it’s made managing her health, and the health of her two children, easy. Through the site she is able to securely and conveniently view lab results, manage prescriptions, schedule appointments and email her doctors as well as her children’s pediatricians. Jacobson says the use … more

Members Talk About Importance of Electronic Health Records

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What does it mean to be a Kaiser Permanente member? We asked several of our patients in Colorado and here’s what they said. Susan, a member in Niwot, Colo., says that she appreciates that her Kaiser Permanente physicians can focus directly on patients and not worry about the things that concern doctors who do not work in an integrated care … more