CEO Bernard J. Tyson Welcomes All to the Care Stories Blog

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Members are describing what it’s like to experience care at Kaiser Permanente: great care by great people. … more

Mary Wright, RN, Uses Personal Experience with Diabetes to Help Her Patients and Families

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Mary Wright is a pediatric nurse endocrinologist whose primary commitment is to her patients; she promotes, advocates, and strives to protect their health, safety, and their rights. As an example of how Mary has gone above and beyond for her patients, she voluntarily extended her hours into the evening to accommodate her young patients’ and their families’ school and work … more

Jaza Marina, MD, on Fall Prevention Tips and How to Fall Correctly

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Each year, thousands of older adults fall and hurt themselves. Falls are one of the main causes of injury and loss of independence in people ages 65 and older. Jaza Marina, MD, geriatrician at Kaiser Permanente Glenlake Medical Center in Atlanta, Georgia, provides these tips on how to fall-proof your home to avoid falls: Be aware of anything in your home … more

Post-Treatment Support Helps Breast Cancer Survivors Return to Normal Life

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For many women, ending breast cancer treatment and beginning life as a survivor is challenging. Longtime surgeon Ernie Bodai, MD, F.A.C.S. is the director of the Breast Cancer Survivorship Institute with Kaiser Permanente in Sacramento. He has a very important message for breast cancer survivors: “They can return to a normal life.” For most women, life after breast cancer can … more

Matthew Daley, MD, Explains Childhood Vaccinations

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As a parent, there is nothing we feel so strongly as the need to keep our children safe; not knowing how to best do that can be challenging. On the topic of childhood vaccinations, there are countless articles to be found on the Web – and for every recommendation for a certain vaccine, there also seems to be a warning. … more

Ricardo Charles, CRNA, Dedicates His Time to Those in Need Across the Globe

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After a service trip to Guatemala opened his eyes to the need for trained medical staff abroad, Oakland Medical Center, certified registered nurse anesthetist Ricardo Charles dedicated his life to the helping underserved populations by providing them with culturally competent healthcare. Ricardo’s community service endeavors have taken him across the globe, from assisting in orthopedic surgery alongside Operation Rainbow in Latin … more

Adamma Ajufoh, RN: Going Beyond Her Role to Care for Patients

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As a manager, Adamma is not expected to perform patient care, but she gladly rolls up her shirt sleeves to make sure our patients are taken care of. … more

Sean Hashmi, MD explains “The Ladies’ Guide to Men’s Health”

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It seems as if some men take every step they can to avoid going to the doctor. The statistics bear that out: 57 percent of men visit the physician each year compared with 74 percent of women. African-American and Hispanic men are even less likely than white men to have routine check-ups. So this show is for the ladies out … more

Laurie Peterson, RN: Helping Members Travel Safely

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Are you getting ready to travel this summer? Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa’s Laurie Peterson, RN is on call to help members with their travel needs. Whether you’re thinking of jet-setting to an exotic island getaway or taking a trip cross-country to visit the family, Kaiser Permanente travel nurses like Laurie help educate patients about travel safety. Laurie was awarded the … more

Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist Leah Battista, MD, Talks About High-Risk Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is an anxiety-producing time for women, especially if their pregnancy is deemed “high-risk.”  High-risk pregnancy happens when a baby has an increased chance of a health problem, or when an expectant mother is at risk of complications due to pregnancy. Leah Battista, MD, is a maternal fetal medicine specialist at Kaiser Permanente South Bay Medical Center. For many of the … more