Dry Spot of Skin Leads to Skin Cancer Diagnosis and Nose Reconstruction

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What started off as a dry spot of skin on Dan Gillespie’s nose turned out to be something far more serious – basal cell carcinoma. “It would go away for a little bit and then come back,” he said. When it appeared to be growing larger, Dan knew he needed to get it checked. The results of the biopsy revealed … more

Crossing the Finish Line: Bernard Llave’s Fight Against Leukemia

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Bernard Llave led an extremely active life – from running marathons to doing CrossFit and participating in obstacle races, he was the ultimate weekend warrior. “It wasn’t just a casual thing. It was a lifestyle,” notes Bernard’s girlfriend, Dee Christman. “So when he started to slow down, it became very apparent very quickly.” Bernard began to feel extreme fatigue around … more

Terry McMaster Fought Back Against Type 2 Diabetes

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It started out as an ordinary doctor’s appointment. Terry McMaster visited a Kaiser Permanente physician in preparation for the birth of his grandson. But after Deb Friesen, MD, met with him and administered tests, he soon learned he had type 2 diabetes. Terry admits that he didn’t pay attention to his new diagnosis. “After she told me, I kind of … more

Getting Healthy Helped LaKeitha Strozier Be A Present Parent

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LaKeitha Strozier was constantly fatigued and in pain — either with a migraine or a backache or pelvic pain. But the 35-year old mother of five never took the time to take care of herself because her priorities lied with taking care of her children. And since LaKeitha didn’t have health coverage, there was little she could do. LaKeitha recently … more

Justine and Mike Miller: Steady Together Despite Bumps in Road

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Married for nearly 50 years, Justine and Mike Miller have supported each other through many bumps in the road. Justine, who recently battled breast cancer, says she’s surviving to care for her husband, who has Parkinson’s disease. “I have to be strong to be able to give him his care — he deserves it.” As Mike’s tremors began to affect his quality … more

Dale Gordon’s Appointment for a Swollen Knee Leads to Life-Saving Screening

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During a visit with for a swollen knee, physician assistant Katherine Lewis noticed on Dale Gordon’s chart that he was overdue for a colorectal screening, recommended for everyone over the age of 50. “I don’t think Katherine had any idea when she handed me that [screening] kit that it was going to save my life,” said Dale. “But it certainly … more