2 Comments on Joanne Schottinger,MD Discusses Colon Cancer Prevention

  1. Alicia Driscoll

    Apr 5th, 2013

    I know her time was limited, but Kaiser is doing several colon cancer clinical trials..including a polyp prevention trial for patients with resected early stage colon cancer. Missed opportunity

  2. Lynch Cancers

    Mar 8th, 2013

    I am disappointed she didn’t discuss Lynch syndrome, a hereditary condition which predisposes individual at a very high lifetime risk to a litany of cancers, including an up to 82% risk of contracting colorectal cancer and a 65% risk of endometrial cancer.

    Individuals with Lynch syndrome need annual screenings as their polyps grow at a much rapid rate.

    The FIT test is not the test for individuals with family histories of cancers. Those with familial cancers need colonoscopies every five years and those with hereditary conditions need colonoscopies annually…

    Lynch cancers metastasize in 1-3 years, which requires colonoscopies… this is the other side of the story…which Kaiser patients need to hear.

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