3 Comments on Josie Clayton Continues Healthy Living Practices She Learned from Kaiser Permanente’s ‘High Five to Health’ Program for Teens

  1. […] a healthy weight — adopting behaviors that promote nutritious eating and active lifestyles. One of these stories, highlighted below, is of Josie Clayton, who was diagnosed as pre-diabetic at the age of 15. […]

  2. […] more about Josie here, and check out the other featured videos—stories from Austin Stanfill and Jesse Campos.  For […]

  3. […] Josie Clayton’s doctor told her at the age of 15 she was at an unhealthy weight and was pre-diabetic. She enrolled in Kaiser Permanente’s “High Five to Health,” a pediatric healthy lifestyle program that taught her the basics of healthy eating and about the importance of being active. Now 19 years old and 60 pounds lighter, Clayton has taken her healthy habits with her to the University of Nevada, Reno, where she’s a freshman planning to major in community health sciences so that she can help others. Clayton, who is half-Native American, has already helped family members move away from unhealthy traditional foods and get hooked on fresh fruits, veggies and healthier meat options like turkey. “She’s inspired us,” says her dad, Robert. “Everybody’s making healthier choices and decisions now.” […]

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