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  1. Isabel Hernandez

    Feb 20th, 2014

    I have received quality care while being a patient at Kaiser San Jose for 30+ years. I am sorry to say I have never
    taken time to give the recognition deserved by the people who helped me.
    Last Feb 13 I fell at my home and suffered a horrific break to my left wrist. When I went to the emergency dept. I was helped in a very professional and expedited manner, by the individual at the desk her name was Denise. I was also helped
    by a kind nurse who was named Susan Zuniga, this enabled me to be seen in x-ray quickly so as to return to emergency
    for care. I am sorry to say I did not get the young Dr’s name or some of the other individuals who assisted me in the emergency room that day.
    I can only say I also work in the health care business and I know exceptional service when I see it.
    I also want to add that
    my surgical experience which followed my fall was exceptional. My orthopedic surgeon Amanda Walker and the entire team in the pre-op
    room went over and above to make my stay on Feb. 20, 2014 a very comfortable one.
    Although I am clumsy and remarkably this is my only surgical experience.If I should ever need these medical services again I would only hope I could have this same team or a team like them.
    Thank you

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