3 Comments on Kaiser Permanente Member’s Heart Attack Sheds Light on Lesser-Known Symptoms

  1. barbara zola

    Feb 12th, 2015

    I appreciate sharing the insight that women’s symptoms of a heart attack may differ from men.

    I am in disbelief that a Kaiser RN advice nurse would advise patient to be driven to the hospital opposed to calling “911” which would of provided more immediate care that a MI would necessitate.

    Thank you for listening to my response.

    • Brenda Stanley

      Feb 23rd, 2015

      I think the Advice Nurse did the right thing. The member’s spouse drove her. They may have been close to the hospital. There is an option to go to hospital with driver. The level of symptoms is important. If the patient was losing consciousness, diaphoretic, severely SOB then the RN would have advised 911. Based on her symptoms her advice was appropriate and life-saving. I think commendations are in order not condemnation or unwarranted criticism.
      I regret that you miss the appropriate action of the nurse and the patient outcome.
      “When Michelle’s tests came back, they proved the nurse right.”

  2. Stephanie Holt

    Feb 6th, 2015

    At age 52 I experienced at heart attack with my initial symptoms of bilateral upper back pain and bilateral arm pain for 12 hours before the chest pain started. The chest pain was not severe 6/10 and my arteries were clear thus the diagnosis of stress causing a spasm of the arteries enough to cause heart damage. Our symptoms are sure different!

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